The End of 2015

A few months ago I had a little meltdown and announced on Facebook that I was done with writing.  I'm hoping that it's not true. I'd like to think I have a few more stories in me and that they're worth telling.  I have files in my computer that are almost books and I want to believe that one day they will be books.  To ease back into things I'm going to blog more.  So I've dusted off the website, put in a new template, and restarted the blog. 

I signed up for Cannonball Read 8. I tried it in 2015 and did okay-ish. I read 43 of the 52 books, but only managed to review 17 of them. And because a lot of them were books in a series and I reviewed them in blocks, that was kind of cheating. I'm going to do better in 2016.  I'll be posting the reviews here, in a category called "Cannonball Read".

I have a Letterboxd account and I'm going to attempt to keep up with reviews of the movies I watch. Less pressure there, since I don't actually watch a lot of movies.

I will also be posting about life.  Mine, mostly. 

So welcome back. Or welcome if this is your first time here. Comments are enabled and there's no need for any kind of account to make them. There's a Contact form on the "About" page if you need to reach me privately.