Cannonball Read 8: Review 1

The Moon's Dirty Light: Werewolves of Baltimore (book 1)

I love me some werewolves. I love me some Baltimore. I love me some gay romance.  You'd think I'd love me this book.

Sadly, I did not.  This book unfortunately pushes a lot of my "nope" buttons, but I do understand that there are a lot of people out there for whom this book will be catnip. Erm. Whatever the werewolf version of catnip is.

It starts with a sex scene. Two cops, partners Logan and Dylan, are getting hot and heavy in their off-hours. One of the cops is a werewolf and during the sex the werewolf gets a little out of control and his partner is marked. The werewolfism is transferred, and ... surprise! They're now a bonded, mated-for-life pair.  

And then the "real" world intervenes. A body has been discovered.  The victim was mauled to death by a dog. Except, you know, we know that it was a werewolf.  The lieutenant knows that Logan (the werewolf cop) is a werewolf cop. Dylan doesn't know. The lieutenant knows this is wasn't a dog attack. So he sends Logan and Dylan to investigate.

The second victim is a vampire. This threatens to destroy the truce between the vampire and werewolf communities.  The vampires are angry so the werewolves have to solve this fast.  Because the vampires are so angry they're going to get their lawyers involved.

There's more sex. There's an attack on another werewolf, but he survives because he's a werewolf. There's more sex. Some non-cop werewolves catch the rogue werewolf that's been behind the killings. The werewolf is executed. Dylan accepts the magical bond, there's more sex. They live happily for now.

The things that turned me off:

  • The whole "magically bonded/mated for life thing". 
  • "Screaming" during sex. This is set in Baltimore City, in an area I know, and if you were actually screaming during sex, the neighbors would be calling the cops because the neighbors share common walls. Twice the sex happens in a greenhouse Dylan has built in his back yard. A greenhouse isn't known for its soundproof properties.
  • Logan's over-the-top jealousy if anyone so much as looks at Dylan.
  • While Logan and Dylan are screwing, two werewolves we've never been introduced to capture the bad guy off-screen. They find out with a phone call. 
  • Some of the phrasing that's so common in m/m romance ("hot liquid showered his insides" and "coating the wall in strips of jizz")
  • Apparently all werewolves are Alphas, Betas, or Omegas, and "knotting" happens during sex.
  • Male pregnancy is mentioned as being a thing that can happen.
  • Editing problem: One minute they're screwing in the greenhouse. Next, they're waking up in bed.
  • And the big one: the McCormick Spice Factory hasn't been located anywhere near the Inner Harbor since the 1980s. 

One thing I almost liked: Dylan is rightfully pissed off when he finds out that not only is Logan a werewolf, but he's mated for life with Dylan and turned Dylan into a werewolf without consulting him. Unfortunately the anger doesn't last long because Logan is apparently so damn sexy and the bond is too strong.