NaNoWriMo Day 25

This year started strong.  I did a pretty good job of staying close to my daily wordcount and I had a good run of days in a row where I wrote. I finished the first chapter. I liked what was going on. I wasn't sure where it was going to continue to go, but it was going at least.

And then the internet went out in the house for a week. That was irritating.

And the election happened. That was heartbreaking and scary.

And then work got unexpectedly busy. That was kind of okay but tiring.

And then my significant other got incredibly sick.

We spent the night before Thanksgiving in the ER. He was admitted. Until today he was in the ICU. He's getting better now but I've been stressed and worried and trying to take care of the stuff that he usually does, the stuff I usually do, and trying not to fall apart completely because we are talking scary, incredibly sick. The good news is he's moving to a regular room today and hopefully he'll be home by Monday.

So as far as NaNoWriMo goes, what I'll probably do is edit what I've written, call it a short story, and release it on Patreon.  If you're not already a patron, now would be a good time. You're guaranteed a short story of about 3000 words that no one else will have read or will ever read.

I'm really hoping that starting in December I can get back on track. Maybe it's time to try something new with the writing - put the Pardoner stories back in the trunk for a while.