Porchcat Dave

Porchcat Dave nearly moved in tonight. I was carrying my Kindle, picked up the packages at the front door and was holding Cardiff's leash. As I tried to get everything in the door, Dave just walked on in. Luke sniffed him but didn't react. Owen growled a little. Cardiff just looked resigned to having another cat who likes to headbutt and snuggle him. Charlotte glared from a distance.

I gently shooed Dave back out onto the porch. He gave me this sad, hurt look. I offered him the red plastic shelter. "The door is too small" he said. I brought it back inside and cut it larger. "It's still too small" he said, even though it wasn't. He went in, turned around, came back out again and looked at me again. "I thought this would be the night you let me live with you."

"Sorry sweetie. Not tonight."

"I'll just sit out here in my little red tub and eat my Woe Crunchies, then."

"You do you, sir." Meanwhile I really want to bring this guy in.

Anyone interested in him? He's really sweet, very soft, and is probably a father/uncle/cousin of Charlotte and Owen. He's been neutered and had at least the basic shots through a TNR program, but he's really not happy being a street cat.