I'm on Patreon now. 

I'm really hoping that knowing that people out there are interested in seeing what happens with Nick and Alex will get me back into the writing groove. I fell out of it last year and it got much worse through the last quarter of 2015 when the spouse fell ill. Focusing on work and worrying about him left me little time to think about writing. 

He's improving now and I have a little more time for myself and the urge to write is coming back. 

And let's not mince words -- money is a strong motivator. People can talk about writing for the sake of art or writing because their soul demands it, but being able to pay for meds and cat food, or being able to replace the broken coffee maker is also a great incentive. 

There are rewards for different donation levels, but every donation gets something.  You can donate a dollar a month and still get the short stories, character sketches, and other weird little things. 

If you can donate, thanks!  If you can't, I totally get it. I can't afford to back all the creators I want to, either.  But no matter what, please share this if you can.