Cannonball Read 8: Review 3

Sometimes I want a quick read. A comfortable read where nothing too gross happens. It's what they call a "cozy" mystery. If you're not familiar with the term, think of it as a book that's like an episode of Castle. There's a mystery - usually a death - but it's not described in lurid detail. The main character (almost always a woman) may even say something like "I didn't need a close look to know that <victim> was dead."  There are quirky characters, quirky settings, and an attractive person who's involved in the case in some way (usually a cop).

Sweet and Salty Treachery was just that sort of book. The main character (Ali) is part-owner in a shop that specializes in pastries and smoothies in the morning, lunches paired with desserts in the afternoon. Most of their business comes from providing catered lunches to the offices around the storefront.  When HoneyBuns Sweets and Sandwiches get a last-minute invitation to attend a taste testing to win a spot catering a charity event,  Ali is elated.  She packs up some samples and heads to the hall.

Where, of course, the event planner drops dead immediately after sampling Ali's wares.

And, of course, Ali and her best (journalist) friend end up "investigating" and figuring out who was really behind the murder. The attractive cop saves her at just the right time. 

It was a quick read, and a satisfying one.