Things I Learned at Balticon - Part 2

I knew I was leaving things out of the previous post.

  1. Useful websites:
    1. Submission Grinder - Does the same thing that Duotrope does, only for free. That is, it is "a submission tracker and market database for writers of fiction". 
    2. The Passive Voice - a lawyer who shares articles and writes about things relating to authors and publishers and self-publishing. It's not legal advice, but the site can give you information about things to watch out for.
    3. Writer Beware - (which I'd totally forgotten about!) for really detailed and up-to-the-minute warnings about scams, disreputable publishers, editors, or agents, and contests that aren't on the level.
  2. Writer's Digest magazine really does have good articles.
  3. Never submit a story to someone who tells you that you'll get paid in "exposure" only.
  4. Never submit to a publisher that requires you to pay them.

Things I learned when I got home:

  1. While I was gone, a large spider moved into my computer room and I must relocate to Canada. I love spiders, but this is not the web-kind. This is the "jump on its prey" kind and I don't need that kind of stress.
  2. My cats missed me.
  3. My do g is totally exhausted after three days of daycare and it's adorable.