Today my twitter feed has been full of horrible news: the mass murder in Orlando; the guy packing weapons heading to Pride in Los Angeles; a bomb blast in Beirut; people accusing Muslims, Christians, terrorists, domestic terrorists, and mental illness for all of this.

I don't talk much about politics or religion.  I'm apolitical and an atheist. I am also Not Good at dealing with the real world and real-world tragedies.  Sometimes this probably comes across as shallow or self-involved.  I'm not. I'm absolutely not. I'm a distraction. I'm the comic relief.  I can only be the voice of silliness in the back of the room that is desperately hoping that someone will notice and remember that there are still good people in the world and we can't let hate win.

Don't let hate and sadness win.

So I googled "the funniest picture ever."

I hope this helps.