It's Finally Snowing

We're a week away from the Spring Equinox and it is snowing. I've just spent the last three hours making sure my computer is set up to log in to my work computer in case I can't get in.  I don't get snow days. It's the curse of being able to work from home. 

My coworkers work from home most of the time. I'm the odd one. I prefer going into the office. There's free coffee and I have two monitors which makes it a lot easier for me to work on documentation. Source on one screen and my version on the other. At home I have to switch between tabs a lot and that slows down how much I get done. There are also no cats at work. You would think this was a drawback, but when you're writing technical documentation and suddenly "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaa88888888888" appears in the middle of it, it's annoying. It's worse when you're messaging with your boss or in a chat meeting and suddenly "kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaa88888888888" shows up. So unprofessional.

Another problem with working from home is that my "office" is connected to my "bedroom" so there's the constant draw of the bed. "Come naaaaaap. Come naaaaaaaap. It's so warm and cozy in here....!" I am not one to ever pass up a chance to nap.

Snow in March isn't unusual for Maryland. People forget that every year.  Saint Patrick's Day two (or maybe three) years ago there was enough snow that I had to work from home that day, too.  We've "prepared" for this snow. And by that I mean I made sure I can work from home, the outside cat shelters were higher up in case there's accumulation on the porch, and that we have plenty of pet food. The Guy is Canadian and claims that snow isn't a problem, so if we "humans" need anything I can make him hike to the nearest convenience store.

We do have six pounds of coffee in the fridge, and another three unopened in the cabinet, so I think we'll be able to get through this.