Dog Update

New Dog (Ramona) completed her Adult 2 Training class. She went in there an anxious, wiggly, somewhat ill-behaved dog. Six weeks later she’s anxious and wiggly, but so much better trained and better able to focus. I’m really proud of her and very pleased with the trainer. If you’re in Baltimore City and anywhere near Canton, take your dogs to Petco in Canton Crossing for training. Olivia is fantastic.

Ramona is still anxious, but she was a rescue. She was shuttled through a few foster homes and taken to meet-and-greets a lot, so the first five months of her life were unstable. There were times when one foster would take her to the vet for her boosters and the next foster would pick her up. Please note this is NOT a complaint! It’s the reality of fostering and the people who foster don’t like it, but sometimes it’s just how it has to happen. Ramona was never mistreated or traumatized. It was just a lot of activity for a tiny puppy brain. She gets CBD oil which helps, and the longer she lives with us the more she’ll start to realize that this is her forever home and going out in the car means she’ll come back to the same place she left.

Right now Ramona’s going through her “emo teenage phase.” She’ll get better as she gets older.

Officially a Doggo and no longer a Pupper