Other Patreons to Consider

Supporting me and want to support my friends? Not supporting me but looking for other people who'd be worthy of your money?  Here's three Patreons I support not just because they're my friends, but because they're out here doing amazing work and are WAY more prolific than I am so you'll really get your money's worth.  This list is alphabetical, not ranked.

Billy Martin. Billy used to write fiction under the name Poppy Z Brite but now he's currently working on a non-fiction study of religion and spirituality in the works of Stephen King. Deep stuff.

Kill by Kill just started their Patreon and it's worth subscribing to it and to their podcast. The podcast is pretty specific -- discussing the characters and deaths of every Friday the 13th movie (with some bonus episodes for things like Student Bodies and Commando) and doing so with great one-liners and some really questionable phrases. Hashtag - getbunked

Lorena Haldeman is writing science fiction/space opera stuff as only the daughter/niece of science fiction writers can. That is to say, with excellence. There's also posts about her cats and her OTHER work -- knitting and ceramics. She makes me feel like a total slacker.

Please check them out. I think you'll like them.

Christopher Robin: A Review (Contains Spoilers)

Ian and I saw Christopher Robin on Sunday August 5th. It took me a while to put this together because I had to process it.

One review I read said "We just had 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' last year. Did we really need another movie about him?"  This isn't about Christopher Milne. This is about Christopher Robin, the boy in the stories. It's not meant to be even a little bit biographical.

It's gorgeous. The locations are just fantastic. The toys are beautiful and worn and show signs of being well-loved.  They're not the bright and flashy cartoons. They're real.

Ian and I both cried at parts, and I'm pretty sure we were both tearing up at the very start, where Christopher is saying goodbye to everyone because he's going to be sent to boarding school, and there's no time for toys and exploring there.  Neither Ian or I are fans of the trope of having to leave the magic place. 

It's honestly a great movie, but not a particularly unique one. But that's because it's a movie for kids. It follows the formula of a lot of kid movies.  Dad works too much. Child misses him. Child ends up in peril. Dad realizes how important family is.

With a little bit of a twist.  The daughter is never actually in peril. She's six. She's competent, intelligent, practical, and is never captured, kidnapped, threatened, or terrorized. She makes her own choices and takes care of things on her own. Still, Christopher learns his lesson - family is important. And he saves his job and earns a vacation.

Pooh is voiced by Jim Cummings so he's the voice most of us associate with Pooh. Peter Capaldi was Rabbit and played him as simultaneously prissy and gruff, which is perfect. Owl, Kanga, and Roo don't get a lot of lines.  Rabbit doesn't get a lot either, but at least he had a distinct personality.

I don't mind Brad Garrett as Eeyore, but I still think Eeyore isn't actually that gloomy. I think he's sulky and stubborn but ultimately a realist. I would love to hear him voiced by Christopher Eccleston or Karl Pilkington.  Eeyore should be a Manc.

The CGI is amazing. Partly because there didn't need to be any large effects. I really think it works best when it's used for fine detail rather than huge robots or explosions.  There are times in the movie where Pooh looks at Christopher and manages to convey utter trust with a stitched nose and button eyes. Piglet has eyebrows that show how worried he is. It's fantastic.

Eeyore is (always was and always will be) my favorite though.  He gets some of the best lines. Tigger is about to go into his song (The wonderful thing about Tiggers) and you hear a quiet, off-screen "Oh no. Not the song" (or words to that effect).  When he's done, Eeyore apologizes and says "He does that a lot." He sounds mildly embarrassed and mildly done with the whole thing. Christopher introduces Eeyore to his wife with "This is Evelyn, my wife" so for the rest of the time Eeyore calls her "Evelyn My Wife". It's adorable.

It's rated PG, and I think that's smart. There's one scene where Christopher yells at Pooh and it's pretty intense. It's followed by Christopher falling into a Heffalump trap that fills with rainwater and it's seriously a little worrying (and at the same time, if you're familiar with Ewan McGregor's body of work, a little bit funny). So it might be too much for kids under 8. Especially more sensitive kids.

Summary: I loved it. I'm going to buy this on DVD. I'm also keeping an eye out for any toys that look like the ones in this film. (The Disney website has an Eeyore, but it's sold out until October)

My Best Human Friend is Sick

So a month ago I posted about me getting the flu/strep combo and then the partner-in-crime getting sick.  It turns out to be much worse than just the flu.

My best (human) friend in the world is incredibly sick now.  In about two weeks I will go with him to talk to doctors about getting him on the transplant list for a new liver.  I don't even really want to think about the whole transplant process. The fact that a match might take forever. That he could possibly be turned down for a transplant (unlikely, but the fact that the possibility exists is terrible). 

Right now he's still in the hospital getting his chemistry sorted out and getting physical therapy because as if liver failure wasn't enough, he also managed to wreck his back to the point where he's hunched over like Golem and walking is hard (this may also be due in part to his liver not working correctly, so toxins are building up and affecting his muscles, but he also has a history of back problems that go all the way back to the late 1980s/early 1990s when he was a jock type).

Long story short... even with insurance, this is expensive. He's hit his deductible, but a lot of things still get charged at 15%.  The specialist visits and lab work for the transplant will cost something

So if you still haven't read The Pardoner's Tale, now's a good time. If you buy it in paperback, get it for Kindle, or even read it for free through Kindle Unlimited I will get paid.

If you have read it and want to kick a few bucks my way just out of kindness, I have a Ko-Fi account.

I have really got to start writing again.

I Feel Like I'm Cheating

I'm doing pretty good on the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge so far. Mostly because I've double-categorized two of the books I've read, and that feels like cheating.  It also feels like cheating that for at least one category I'm going to re-read a book.  

I've also only written one review for Cannonball Read and I feel like I'm falling behind, even though I only signed up for a quarter Cannonball (13 reviews) and it's only the 25th of January. I think it's because this month has felt about three years long.

I spent five days dealing with a combination of strep throat and the flu. Considering I slept through three of those days you'd think I'd think less time had passed, not more.  Just as I was getting over the worst of "The Sickness" the significant other landed in the hospital because he was sick before me and didn't bother going to the doctor and didn't get antibiotics and was too sick to eat and got dehydrated and the moral of this story is don't be stupid. If you feel like crap, go to the doctor. The flu is really bad this year and it's not going to be something you can just wait out.

Also, get the flu shot. Even if you still get the flu (because it's a different strain or a mutation of the one you were vaxed against or whatever) it will be substantially less awful. This is straight from an EMT who's been spending her time taxiing people to the ER because their flu got that severe. 

Both our cars are having trouble, too. His keeps going dead and I'm driving around with a portable jumpstart box in the passenger seat. I'm driving his car because I have a flat tire. In a tire that I just bought a month ago. (I can get it fixed and they'd better fix it free, but between being sick and then the Pain-in-the-aaaaiiii mean... What's-his-face getting sick, who has the time?)

So I'm all "How is it only January 25" because I feel like I've had about 600 days already (One of our cats got out. Have I mentioned that? Luke, the grey cat that actually belongs to the dog, escaped the house in the middle of the night one night and threw everyone and everything into a panic. He came home the next day, in the middle of the night, suitably ashamed and terrified. He won't even go out into the back yard with supervision) and I've read three books and half of another (and then started another book)  and I feel like I'm not getting enough stuff done.

Maybe I just need to be reading more to take a break from the chaos that is my reality. 

Whatever. I'm gonna reread The Hot Rock and put that bad boy in two categories of the POPSUGAR challenge and no one can stop me.