Fan Mail!

Name: Paul Lastnamewithheld

Subject: Pardoner's Tale Sequel?

Message: Hello,

I love The Pardoner's Tale. It's on my short list of favorite books because of Nichola's honest and humorous voice. I also really like that the story is first foremost an urban fantasy story with the romance on the sidelines. Too much of contemporary gay fiction is centered on the sex and romance, so Nicholas's relatively virginal bachelorhood was a refreshing change of pace.

This brings me to my question: is there going to a be a sequel? I can't wait to read what Nicholas will be up to next.

Thank you Paul!  Thank you so much for the kind email and the nice words. 

The big answer: YES. Yes there will be a sequel.  I had actually written a draft that was done a little over a year ago, and was giving me fits during the editing process. Between a full-time job and general life nonsense I kept putting it off.  By the time I'd gotten through the first round of revisions I realized I had a lot of plot holes that needed to be fixed before I could even think about sending it to my "beta reader/editor" for outside opinions. 

And then... while I was working on patching the holes, I read a short story that covered a lot of the same ground mine was going to and I decided I needed to step way back and start over. (The story is called No God is Safe and I recommend it!)

So yes, there will be more of Nick and Alex. I've got a bunch of short stories that I'm either going to flesh out into a full book or add to the pile and release a short story collection.  Honestly, that second one is looking more like the thing that's going to happen.  I'm actually happier writing shorter stories. 

And Paul, your email came at the perfect time. It really mean a lot to me when people take the time to send me a note or a comment or a retweet or a review. Thank you for taking the time to read and to respond!