I Feel Like I'm Cheating

I'm doing pretty good on the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge so far. Mostly because I've double-categorized two of the books I've read, and that feels like cheating.  It also feels like cheating that for at least one category I'm going to re-read a book.  

I've also only written one review for Cannonball Read and I feel like I'm falling behind, even though I only signed up for a quarter Cannonball (13 reviews) and it's only the 25th of January. I think it's because this month has felt about three years long.

I spent five days dealing with a combination of strep throat and the flu. Considering I slept through three of those days you'd think I'd think less time had passed, not more.  Just as I was getting over the worst of "The Sickness" the significant other landed in the hospital because he was sick before me and didn't bother going to the doctor and didn't get antibiotics and was too sick to eat and got dehydrated and the moral of this story is don't be stupid. If you feel like crap, go to the doctor. The flu is really bad this year and it's not going to be something you can just wait out.

Also, get the flu shot. Even if you still get the flu (because it's a different strain or a mutation of the one you were vaxed against or whatever) it will be substantially less awful. This is straight from an EMT who's been spending her time taxiing people to the ER because their flu got that severe. 

Both our cars are having trouble, too. His keeps going dead and I'm driving around with a portable jumpstart box in the passenger seat. I'm driving his car because I have a flat tire. In a tire that I just bought a month ago. (I can get it fixed and they'd better fix it free, but between being sick and then the Pain-in-the-aaaaiiii mean... What's-his-face getting sick, who has the time?)

So I'm all "How is it only January 25" because I feel like I've had about 600 days already (One of our cats got out. Have I mentioned that? Luke, the grey cat that actually belongs to the dog, escaped the house in the middle of the night one night and threw everyone and everything into a panic. He came home the next day, in the middle of the night, suitably ashamed and terrified. He won't even go out into the back yard with supervision) and I've read three books and half of another (and then started another book)  and I feel like I'm not getting enough stuff done.

Maybe I just need to be reading more to take a break from the chaos that is my reality. 

Whatever. I'm gonna reread The Hot Rock and put that bad boy in two categories of the POPSUGAR challenge and no one can stop me.