Other Patreons to Consider

Supporting me and want to support my friends? Not supporting me but looking for other people who'd be worthy of your money?  Here's three Patreons I support not just because they're my friends, but because they're out here doing amazing work and are WAY more prolific than I am so you'll really get your money's worth.  This list is alphabetical, not ranked.

Billy Martin. Billy used to write fiction under the name Poppy Z Brite but now he's currently working on a non-fiction study of religion and spirituality in the works of Stephen King. Deep stuff.

Kill by Kill just started their Patreon and it's worth subscribing to it and to their podcast. The podcast is pretty specific -- discussing the characters and deaths of every Friday the 13th movie (with some bonus episodes for things like Student Bodies and Commando) and doing so with great one-liners and some really questionable phrases. Hashtag - getbunked

Lorena Haldeman is writing science fiction/space opera stuff as only the daughter/niece of science fiction writers can. That is to say, with excellence. There's also posts about her cats and her OTHER work -- knitting and ceramics. She makes me feel like a total slacker.

Please check them out. I think you'll like them.