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The Downloadable 2019 POPSUGAR Reading List

  1. A book becoming a movie in 2019

  2. A book that makes you nostalgic

  3. A book written by a musician (fiction or nonfiction)

  4. A book you think should be turned into a movie

  5. A book with at least one million ratings on Goodreads

  6. A book with a plant in the title or on the cover

  7. A reread of a favorite book

  8. A book about a hobby

  9. A book you meant to read in 2018

  10. A book with “pop”, “sugar”, or “challenge” in the title

  11. A book with an item of clothing or accessory on the cover

  12. A book inspired by mythology, legend, or folklore

  13. A book published posthumously

  14. A book you see someone reading on TV or in a movie

  15. A retelling of a classic

  16. A book with a question in the title

  17. A book set on a college or university campus

  18. A book about someone with a superpower

  19. A book told from multiple character POVs

  20. A book set in space

  21. A book by two female authors

  22. A book with a title that contains “salty”, “sweet”, “bitter”, or “spicy

  23. A book set in Scandinavia

  24. A book that takes place in a single day

  25. A debut novel

  26. A book published in 2019

  27. A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature

  28. A book recommended by a celebrity you admire

  29. A book with “love” in the title

  30. A book featuring an amateur detective

  31. A book about a family

  32. A book written by an author from Asia, Africa, or South America

  33. A book with a zodiac sign or astrology term in the title

  34. A book that includes a wedding

  35. A book by an author whose first and last names start with the same letter

  36. A ghost story

  37. A book with a two-word title

  38. A novel based on a true stor

  39. A book revolving around a puzzle or game

  40. Your favorite prompt from a past POPSUGAR Reading Challenge


  1. A “cli-fi” (climate fiction) book

  2. A “choose-your-own-adventure” book

  3. An “own voices” book

  4. Read a book during the season it is set in

  5. A LitRPG book

  6. A book with no chapters/unusual chapter headings/unconventionally numbered chapters

  7. Two books that share the same title (1)

  8. Two books that share the same title (2)

  9. A book that has inspired a common phrase or idiom (e.g., Big Brother from 1984)

  10. A book set in an abbey, cloister, monastery, vicarage, or convent