5 Stars Great new mystery duo... Hope for a sequel

Loved , loved this book! The main characters Nick( werewolf) and Alex ( vampire) start off trying to kill each other, then become partners in a PI business . They get rid of paranormal problems! They flounder around , but eventually get the job done! The meat of the story is about their relationship. They need each other , because for obvious reasons they have no one else! Nick especially has a hard time trusting anyone. They are now one of my favorite duos to read about, they bicker and fight, but you always know they have each others back. I just noticed from the other reviewers that this is a re edited title , it is now longer and includes book two: Ace of wands. We get to see Nick and Alex's relationship progress , it is 196 pages now. Hope there will be more adventures!

4 Stars

I read this in about three hours. There were a few things that bothered me, but they were all technical. Kindle version had minor formatting errors and the ending felt rushed and not paced well. As if the author was just desperate to just finish and did it rushed.

The characters are very enjoyable. It was just a fun read. Could not put it down.

3 Stars

If you're looking for an unusual story, a mystery with lots of humor mixed in and some very stubborn men, you might like this book.

4 Stars

Not Chaucer but funny.

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