The Pardoner's Tale

Werewolf and private investigator Nick Pardoner has a second job as an exorcist and monster-slayer. When he runs into a vampire named Alex, Nick knows what he has to do. Except it doesn't go according to plan and Alex ends up invading his life and forming an uneasy alliance with him. 

And then things go terribly wrong.

On the run and trying to save Alex from forces far larger than they are, Nick and Alex form a friendship that might just be more enduring than anything in Nick's life. With the help of a dedicated cop and other unlikely friends, Nick and Alex try to stay alive and try to figure out what their new relationship means.

Fans of the series Supernatural and Being Human may enjoy this book.


Want to read a silly urban fantasy not-quite romance between a vampire (who might be an idiot) and a werewolf?

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